Menu is one soup made with whole grain of barley and mixed of vegetables and include cow meat that has been salty some days before.Side dish will be a bowl of rice with “Chorizo” (Spanish sausage) to add special taste.For dessert include a cake made with stale bread (really we use grated bread).

■Barley Soup■ 6 Servings     

1 Kg.Salty Beef.
200 gramsBarley grain.
200 grams.Potatoes.
200 grams Green peas.
200 grams Lima beans.
200 gramsGreen beans
1 Carrot.
1Bouquet of herbs (onion coriander, parsley)
2Clove of garlic.


■Rice with Spanish Sausage■

500 grams Rice.
150 gramsChorizo (Spanish Sausage).
Garlic and salt.


■Bread Puding■

2 Coupes of grated bread.
150 gramsDark Sugar
1 literMilk
50 grams Butter
100 gramsRaising
50 gramsNuts
Gratings lemon