■Cream of Pumpkin Soup(右横の写 真)■
1 kg Pumpkin
1 Onion
50g Butter
1 little Milk
2 Chicken cubes
sage * pinch
1 Piece Celery
Salt Pepper & Nutmeg 1
50 mls Cream
Peel and dice the pumpkin.
Heat the butter in large saucepan, fry onion until softened then pumpkin momentary. Add milk, water, chicken cubes, salt, pepper, celery and sage.
Bring to the boil, simmer until softened. Puree the soup. Check seasoning.
Serve with dribbled cream.

7 Egg White
425g Caster Sugar
2 teaspoons White vinegar
1/2 teaspoons Vanilla essence
1/2 teaspoons Almond essence
1/2 teaspoons Salt

Heat oven to 250f Beat white until soft foam.
Add the salt, essences vinegar.
Gradually add sugar. Beat very well until stiff.
Put on greased tray.
Cook for 1 1/2*2 hours.


ラズベリーのトッピング バナナ、オレオなど

■Baked vegetables on クスクス(上の写真)■
Make cous-csus(クスクス) with boiling water Marinate vegetables Onions ,Peppers, Zucchini, Egg plant With garlic , olive oil, lemon juice and fresh basil. Bake for 25 minutes until browning.
Add cherry tomtatos. Cook further 5 minutes. Give on Cous-csus

■Lamb:(下の写 真)■
◆材料 Cook Racks
1/4 Cup seeded Mustard.
2 table spoons honey
1 table spoons fresh chopped rosemary
coat racks and bake.
◆材料と作り方 Berry Sauce
In a saucepan 3 table spoons brown sugar and 1/4 cup melt vinegar for about 2 minuets until it is a caramel color.
Add 2 cups frozen raspberries and simmer 15 minuets.
Strain though sauce. Mix in 2 table spoons of cornmouse and 1 tablespoons port and shir until thickened