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    • France
    • 英語
    • Hiroo
    • Area:
    • Western Europe
    • Language:
    • フランス語
    • 郷土料理:
    • Macaroons , Eclairs

When I was little, I watched my dad, a former pastry chef, prepare sumptuous desserts for family celebrations:  petits fours for birthday party, mounted pieces for weddings, French Christmas pudding ... I was amazed to see that my father knew how to make tasty treasure but also I was awake to see what an artist!

Later, after years of experience in marketing and customer relations, and because my dad had passed on his passion for culinary, I opened a restaurant that was also a tea room and deli. These few years of catering to choose my suppliers of quality products, sell them in my grocery store, adapt them in my recipes and be able to advise my customers by giving them small keys of taste were for me a wonderful and delicious parenthesis. 

10 years ago, we left France to follow my husband transferred abroad. This passion for cooking has followed me throughout this decade spent in 4 different countries. All these moves allowed me to meet, discover, share and develop my culinary curiosity. I like to adapt recipes in my own way, simplify complicated recipes while keeping them attractive, modernize older ones ... the goal is always to find this simple but delicious pleasure of cooking for others.

Cooking for those we love is an exchange and I would like to share this passion with you !

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