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French cooking class Florence

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    • 郷土料理:
    • ポトフ ビーフ ブフ・ブルギニョン

Born in Orleans, in Loire Valley – France, in my family everyone loved to cook and I have been exposed since very early in my life. My grandfather was a Chef Saucier on the Transatlantic in 1935-38- He travelled all over the world and shared a lot of experiences with me.
I have great memories of him cooking family meals for his 5 children and their families. He cooked for every occasion and we spent many hours enjoying it.

Every time I was with him during school vacation he asked me « what would you fancy eating »?! And then we used to go to the gorgeous food market of Blois, located near the famous castle of Chambord.
My other grandfather had an immense garden and used to grow himself his own fruits and vegetables. I have seen so many varieties which today are rare to see in gardens or markets… My Grandma was making delicious jams and preserves. We ate only veggies from their garden; it was simple and purely delicious. She was a very good cook and I continue to cook some of her recipes and jams. Even here in Tokyo, I made jams; the fruits in Japan are so good!
Naturally I have chosen to study in a culinary school! During 5 years, I have learnt everything from scratch at the Paris Hotel School.
I have worked in several 5 stars hotels in many different countries, started as receptionist growing into catering manager, director of event to Hotel Manager.
I loved every job!
When I married my husband, himself hotelier, I choose to take care of our family but remain until today very passionate about hospitality industry.
We move from one country to another one every 4 years. It is such a fantastic experience for the whole family.
I am very enthusiastic to be able to share my passion for cooking, for food, and for French cuisine in particular, and to welcome the students at our Home in a French way of life.

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