Niki's Kitchen 英語料理教室

ニキズキッチン 外国人を中心とした自宅で習う料理教室

ニキズキッチン 外国人を中心とした自宅で習う料理教室Niki's Kitchen 英語料理教室


Once you book a class, there will be no refund if you cannot attend. You can ask your friend to attend if you cannot attend.

Please only book if you wish to attend. Cancellation is prohibited, If you are unsure of your schedule, please book once you know for sure.

Please contact niki's kitchen office if your payment may be after the due date.


  • If class cannot be held due to teacher's illness or family illness, another class will be scheduled. If you canmot attend rescheduled class, full refund will be made.
  • If classes are cancelled due to natural disaster, another make up class will be held at a later date.
  • If you cannot attend this make up class, you will be able to attend another class by the same teacher. Possible period will be confirmed. There will be no refund made for cancelllations due to natural disastera. If there are unexcepted incidents such as relocation or hospitalization, Niki's kitchen will make the decision amd refund will be made after deducting 20% Refund will not include your bank transfee fee.