Niki's Kitchen 英語料理教室

ニキズキッチン 外国人を中心とした自宅で習う料理教室

ニキズキッチン 外国人を中心とした自宅で習う料理教室Niki's Kitchen 英語料理教室


  • Please let me know typical day of the class at Niki's kitchen.

    You meet everyone at the meeting point.
    After meeting everyone, we all go to teacher's house together. Upon arrival after putting your apron on its the beginning of your class.
    Teacher will show us how to cook each dish in English or Japanese
    After cooking everything we all sit at a table and enjoy the meal.

  • Where are all the classes held ?

    Classes are held at teacher's home. Class locations are Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba , Saitama and Osaka

  • How and when are the classes advertised?

    We start advertising each class about two month before. You can book classes from by clicking available class list on the website

  • I would like to be absent from the class I booked.

    Please contact Niki's kitchen office.

  • After booking, I haven't received booking confirmation email.

    Please contact Niki's kitchen office.