Niki's Kitchen 英語料理教室

ニキズキッチン 外国人を中心とした自宅で習う料理教室

ニキズキッチン 外国人を中心とした自宅で習う料理教室Niki's Kitchen 英語料理教室

Thank you for visiting our website. Please read the following points about our cooking classes.

1. You can sign up for any class you like. No enrollment fee and you can attend any time, any place. It’s just like traveling.

Please search for @nikis and register our Line account. We can let you know when new classes are posted.

Alternatively, you can look at our calendar section of our website, where information on new classes are posted every day.

2. Easy to book. You can book any time from your PC or smartphone.Lessons can be booked anytime, 24hours a day.

3. Payment: By bank transfer.Easy to book if you use on-line bank transfer.

4. Is this your first time to come to cooking class? Not to worry. You will feel as if you were at home. Hospitality is important to us.

5. You can learn cooking, baking various dishes from all around the world.

There are variety of classes from easy simple cooking to restaurant style cuisine.Learn the tips for your everyday cooking. Sample unique cuisine which you cannot try at a restaurant in Japan.

6. Lessons in Japanese or English?

Unlike other classes, in some classes you can learn both English and cooking. We can assist you in improving both of your skills.If you are not interested in learning English and would just like to learn cooking, there are also classes in Japanese. You can choose according to your preference.

7. 99 percent of the students book individually. It’s a good opportunity to make friends.

There are many cooking groups in Japan but all the student say that it is easier to make friends at our classes. All our students who come to our class like cooking, different culture and like to travel.

8. Let’s travel together around the world.

We organize various cooking tours few times a year. There is also an opportunity to go on homestay and learn cooking there.

9. We organize various cultural events too. Cooking classes held inside an Embassy is popular among students.