Niki's Kitchen 英語料理教室

ニキズキッチン 外国人を中心とした自宅で習う料理教室

ニキズキッチン 外国人を中心とした自宅で習う料理教室Niki's Kitchen 英語料理教室



    • France and Laos
    • English
    • Yamate (Naka-ku Yokohama)
    • Area:
    • Western Europe
    • Language:
    • English
    • 郷土料理:
    • khao chy French Pate

I love cooking. When I was a little girl, I can remember spending hours watching my grandmother and mother cooking for the family. There were no recipes, no books. They just asked me to observe and learn. This was their own way to pass their heritage from generation to generation. Born in Laos, and raised in France, I have the chance to discover the incredible tastes of various products. Food is a real part of culture to me, and is probably the first connection with the countries I have visited or lived in. I just appreciate having a meal on a banana leaf in an open market in Madurai, as well as having an elegant dinner in a Michelin star restaurant in Paris. Living in Europe, in Africa, and in Asia, has been a fantastic way to adapt to new cultures, to different tastes, challenging my cooking creativity and learning from the natives. Transforming a basic product to a delicious course has always been a kind of magic to me. My cuisine at home is a melting pot of tastes and colours. Cooking with the traditional and family "savoir-faire", with local products, and adding a touch of my cross culture origin. This is what I would like to share with you.

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My dinning

My dinning

Refined table

khaoniao mamuang

khaoniao mamuang

Mango sticky rice ( khaoniao mamuang) is a Laos dessert

Facebook page

Facebook page

Facebook page "atelier des Saveurs by Mani"

Homemade bread and homemade jam

Homemade bread and homemade jam

French style breakfast