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Spanish cooking class Rosa

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    • English (Espanol , German) 日本語を少し
    • meguroeki
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    • Western Europe
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    • English (Espanol , German) 日本語を少し
    • 郷土料理:
    • Cocido Sopa de ajo

Hello everyone. I'm Rosa from Spain. I have lived in Tokyo for 4 years now and am very happy to be in this beautiful country.
My background is quite international. I was born and raised in Germany but moved to Madrid (Spain) with 19 years, where I studied journalism and worked until my husband got a job offer in Singapore 8 years ago. It was at this time that I learned about Asia for the first time. I studied a bit of Chinese and was blown away by the variety of exotic foods this small country has to offer. I was originally interested in cooking and making sweets, but in Singapore I learned how to bake my own bread, and even attended Indonesian cooking classes. In Japan I want to share with you, German desserts such as Kuchen and Christmas cookies, as well as Spanish food such as Cocido Madrileño, Sopa de Ajo, Salmorejo, Pisto Manchego, Lentejas Estofadas and Pollo al Chilindrón, which are quite popular. I would like to introduce European cuisine that is not there.
If you want to taste real Spanish food, you should find it here. I look forward to welcoming you to my home. Then again, HASTA PRONTO

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