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ニキズキッチン 外国人を中心とした自宅で習う料理教室

ニキズキッチン 外国人を中心とした自宅で習う料理教室Niki's Kitchen 英語料理教室



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I am Swati, I am a designer and artist by profession. But my hobby and passion is cooking.

My expertise are cook fusion food. I am Vegetarian thus my focus is always healthy and wholesome meal.

As a creative person I love experimenting and exploring new cuisines and sharing with people.

Which reflects on my cooking. Its more like modern Indian.

(Like I do Briyani - which is so Indian. But to make it at home it take dozens of spices and hours to cook, with my  Briyani recipe it can be made at home within a hour and with basic spices, without compromising the flavor. With the sides of peanut curd and refreshing mint drink.)


My cooking methods include grilling, steaming, baking, and sometimes little bit of frying.


I live in Tokyo, Sailor Komatsugawa. Which is 3 minutes walk from Higashi Ojima station on Shinjuku line.

I am English speaker and learning Japanese.


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My recipe like a book.

healthy Vegetarian from North india

healthy Vegetarian from North india

I teach healthy Vegetarian from North india



the contemporary Indian cuisine on the table. Please enjoy the transformation of food culture in India

Indian sweets

Indian sweets

I love indian sweets too